August 2009

Sexy fall style is finding its way onto the web pages of As Fall 2009 patterns make their debut, look for classic style from Berroco and HeartStrings, contemporary style from Norah Gaughan, and cutting-edge style from Stitch Diva Studios. Fall fashion promises to offer something for everyone.

Be Sweet
Be Sweet's new embroidered cases and totes are designed by South African designer Irene Werner. They are made in a Durban‑based workshop that offers fair working opportunities to highly-skilled craftspeople who have suffered hardships brought about by war, famine and HIV. These beautiful pieces are natural linen with African retro‑style Shwe‑Shwe linings. Each piece is accompanied by a beautiful hand‑beaded buckle or charm crafted by Zimbabwean bead workers. 
  Stinson Oval
Knitting Shopper Elegance Clutch Project Clutch

Be Organic

Our newest yarn line, Ecobutterfly, is certified organic and fair trade. No chemicals or pesticides are used to grow the cotton, and there are no chemical processes used from the raw picked cotton to the finished yarn product. Ecobutterfly yarn is made by men and women in Peru who are guaranteed a comfortable living wage and a nice working environment.

Our Ecobutterfly organic cotton yarns include Pakucho Lace Weight, Sport Weight, Worsted Weight and Flamme Chunky Weight and Farfalla, a hand-brushed worsted weight. All are 100% certified organic, and all dyed colors are vegan. Feel good about your purchase.

Deep Green Pakucho Natural Farfalla Rich Cinnamon
Rosette Scarf Skinny Beaded Baby Hoodie Drawstring Beaded Swallowtail

Be Warm - Arm Warmers for Fall 2009

From the pages of Accessories Magazine (May 2009), Looking Ahead, Warm Up!

"Who would have thought that sleeveless and short-sleeved dresses, jackets and coats would be appropriate for fall and winter? Fashionable and functional arm warmers cover bare arms perfectly as shown here in fabulous knits. Keeping cozy never looked so chic!"

Stitch Diva's Uncommon Wristlets are portable projects perfect for toting to the beach. Find yourself fashionably ready for fall! Craft arm warmers now. Knit or crochet. They are fast and fun.

Berroco Fall 2009
Sundae 287 Tweed 288 Girls 291 Vintage Wool 290 Lustra 289

Norah Gaughan Fall 2009

Whether you crave tailored or flowing sweaters this fall, Norah Gaughan has you covered. Her new Volume 5 features two chapters, Fly Away and Bright Women. In Fly Away find classic silhouettes embellished with lusciously draping flounces. In Bright Women find beautiful guernseys and arans.

Norah Gaughan

This season Norah Gaughan's command of texture also extends to menswear in a collection of wearable masterpieces with striking graphic elements.

  Norah Gaughan

Jade Sapphire Cashmere Scarves

You knit one for him; now it's your turn! Knit the perfect scarf for her. Like Jade Sapphire's Cashmere Scarf For Him Kit, the For Her Kit includes 4 skeins of 100%  luxurious Mongolian Cashmere and an array of  gorgeous scarf patterns. The versatile patterns included in these kits are incredible, and there are 7 in each!

Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb

A lace knitter's dream, Lacey Lamb is an extremely fine 3‑ply lambswool yarn that can be knit singly for a cobweb shawl, or knit in multiple strands for a variety of effects and purposes.

Knit designs like these with Lacey Lamb...

Blue Ribbon Sampler Fern Garden Shawl Swirled Pearl Shawlette

Jade Sapphire Cashmere Patterns

Craft in the softest cashmere and craft comfort.

Dragon Scale Scarf Flower Petal Hat Channel Hat Jade Flower Shawl Cross Section Hat

Deanna's Vintage Styles

Knit with beads. It's easier than you think. Craft the new Diamond & Teardrop Cape and craft glamour. Deanna's new beaded design joins the popular Patty Scarf, Shell Fringe Scarf and Katy Scarf. Deanna's patterns include complete instructions and tips.

Patty Scarf Shell Fringe Scarf Katy Scarf

HeartStrings August
Beaded Bias Kool-Aid Socks Twist and Slant Yankee Doodle Colorful Splendor
Chevrons and Ribs Vest Filigree Fingerlings Lace Puffs Smoke Ring  

Annie Adams Buttons

Lead-free pewter.

Nova Twigs Cosmos Float Twigs

Eskimo Zipper Pull Maya Small Project Bag Bird Zipper Pull

Lacis 15" Leather Purse Handle

The Lacis 15" Leather Purse Handle featured in KT Bags Marvy Maddie Purse and Kathryn Purse is now in stock.

Marvy Maddie Lacis 15" Handle Kathryn

Addi Click Accessories

For those of you lucky enough to obtain an Addi Click Interchangeable Needle Set before production issues limited distribution, we now have in stock extra Tips (including US 5 (3.75mm)) and Cords and Connectors. These are on hand and ready to ship.

Donít fret if you were not able to get an Addi Click Interchangeable Set when we offered them earlier this year. We will re‑introduce these great needle sets anew when they are in stock, in hand, and ready to ship out the door to you. That we promise.

Keep cool and enjoy August,

Ann and Natalie

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