December 2011
Crafty Holiday Cheer

Crocheted Wine Toppers

From clever needles, crochet hooks and notions to knitting and crochet bags and luxury yarn, find the perfect gift at Dream Weaver Yarns. Visit our Gift Shop to see a crafty collection of gift ideas including JUL Shawl Pins and Closures, Zecca Scissor Fobs, Stitch Markerz and Needle Vials, and, of course, creative knitting bags by Atenti, Offhand Designs, Namaste, Amy Butler and more. Celebrate our craft, and inspire a creative new year!

Lantern Moon Knitter's Gift Set

Lantern Moon Knitter's Gift Set
The Lantern Moon Knitter's Gift Set includes a Lantern Moon Rosewood or Ebony Cable Needle Set, a Repair Hook, and a Mindy Pockets Case to hold them, and a Sheep Tape Measure and Sheep Stitch Markers. These goodies are packed away in a Meadow Project Bag.

The Knit Aid Kit
Stitch Emergency! Have all your tools handy in a luxurious silk zip case. The Knit Aid Kit includes a Repair Hook, a Cable Needle Set, a Clover Mini Kacha Counter, a Clover Chibi Darning Needle Set, a Universal Row Counter, a Dream Weaver Gauge Check, Stork Scissors, and a package of HiyaHiya Knitter's Safety Pins, all tucked away in a Lantern Moon Knit Aid Case.
The Knit Aid Kit

Knitter's Pride Cubics Square Knitting Needles
Knitter's Pride presents Cubics Square Knitting Needles in elegant laminated Symfonie Rose wood. The polished wood surface works effortlessly with every type of yarn without slowing down the crafter's rhythm. The ergonomic shape of the square needles provides comfort to the hand and yields uniform stitches. Warm to the touch and gentle to the hand, these are the newest innovation in crafting tools.

Square Circular Needles

Square Double Point Needles

Square Interchangeable Tips

Square Straight Needles

Knitter's Pride Symfonie Rose Sets

Symfonie Rose Crochet Hooks Set
Traditional shape in elegant Symfonie Rose wood. Knitter's Pride presents an Interchangeable Needles Set including sizes US 4, 6, 7.5, 8, 9.5, 10, 10.5 and 11, and a Crochet Hooks Set including sizes E, G, 7, H, I J, K and L. Each Symfonie Rose Crochet Hook is embellished with a Swarovski Crystal.
Symfonie Rose Interchangeable Needles Set

Lorna's Laces Sock Set

Lorna's Laces Sock Set
Put your best foot forward with this limited edition kit from Lorna's Laces. Included in each Sock Set is one skein of Lorna's Laces Solemate Yarn (100g/425 yds) along with Soak Heel Foot Cream. And as a little lagniappe, a single use Soak Wash is tucked inside too. Solemate is made with Outlast®. That means it has climate control technology so your feet are "Not too hot. Not too cold." Solemate is machine washeable.

New Shawl Pins
From Annie Adams and JUL, new Shawl Pins to adorn your festive shawls and scarves.

Annie Adams Small Daisy Pin

JUL Noire Onyx Pin

Annie Adams Swirls Pin

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Sidney Sheep (or just Sid for short) dreams of sharing his large well watered meadow with a dreamy little ewe. Sidney is a kind and gentle sheep from Peru. He’s a hopeless romantic that prides himself on being a clean, intelligent sheep who is not afraid of dogs. He enjoys pink champagne, yoga, and gardening but is very afraid of rain showers. Sidney dreams of meeting a cute, fluffy single sheep to share his green pastures with. Won’t you invite him home with you?

New Notions

Lantern Moon Heart Markers

Mama Baby Haiti Small Project Bag


Rolling Multi-Purpose Tote

Sheep Sherpa Accessory Holder

New Patterns from Tiny Owl

Sleeping Beauty Cowl

Catching Butterflies Fingerless Gloves

Mr. Fox Stole My Heart Collar

New Patterns from Lisa Ellis

Double Knit Gaiter-Boot Toppers
(2 patterns in 1)

Double Knit Gaiter-Boot Toppers
(2 patterns in 1)

Thrummed Outer Vest

Atenti's Haversack
The Atenti Haversack is a rectangular cross-tote featuring a full zipper opening with a hand trimmed strap and embellishments. This handy bag measures 12" x 12", and it is fully lined in water resistant taffeta. Inside are a zippered pocket and a divided pocket with a cell phone slot.

Birdy Black

Feather Fur




Atenti's Biggy Bag

Birdy Natural
Atenti's Biggy Bag is a roomy, fun satchel with two outside front pockets beatifully trimmed in jacquard ribbon. A great shape for a roomy carry-all, the Biggy Bag has an 18" zippered opening and double 30" straps. The inside is fully lined in water resistant taffeta and features a zippered pocket and an open divided pocket with a cell phone slot.
Birdy Black

The Chic Sac

The Chic Sac
This handy bag-in-a-bag will fit in your purse to carry all the goods you purchase on your next trip to the yarn shop. Cool, contemporary, and ecofriendly, the Chic Sac measures 17" x 14.5" x 5" and comes in a random selection of pretty prints.

Offhand Designs's Daisy Bag

Functional and fanciful, Daisy can easily carry six bottles of wine, dozens of pretty apples, many skeins of yarn, and so much more. Fully reversible for when you want it sleeker and to carry a heavy load, Daisy features comfortable handles that stay on your shoulder and a drawstring closure.

Bradenburg Concerto

Edinburgh in Citrine



Carlisle Concerto

Offhand Designs's Zhivago Weekender

The Zhivago Weekender easily carries it all, making it the perfect accompaniment for all of your crafty adventures.

Offhand Designs's Gatsby

The Gatsby carryall is a grand go-to bag sporting Offhand's most coveted design features, comfortable handles that stay on your shoulder, a sleek, secure closure, and Gatsby stands wide open on its own so you can see everything inside.

Offhand Designs's Switch Interchangeable Needles Clutch and Circular Clutch

Pretty, practical storage. Carry your Interchangeable Needles and Circular Needles in Offhand style. Switch is designed to hold your Interchangeable Needles Set, featuring 12 slots labeled with US and metric sizes, two pockets for cables, and a zippered pocket. Offhand's Circular Clutch has 20 clear vinyl pockets, 5 inside tool slots, and a zippered pocket.
Circular Clutch

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Jewelry Affairs

Bitty Beady Christmas Trees, a new knitting pattern by HeartStrings

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Enjoy the season, and knit merry and bright.

Happy Holidays from all of us,
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