February 2010

Knitting from the Heart
"I mean that my heart unto yours is knit,
so that but one heart we can make of it."

Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream
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Find the perfect Valentine at Dream Weaver Yarns. Browse our Jewelry, Shawl Pins and Gift Shops for some beautiful ideas for the crafty Valentine.
Zhivago Marker Necklace Knitting Magnets Gauge Pendant Gatsby
Earrings Filigree Shawl Pin Atenti Overnight Monroe Knitting Poetry
Bent Metal Happy Heart Onesie Sweetheart Rosemaker Celtic Swan

A Dozen Valentine's Rosewoods
Truer love there never was! A knitter's dozen (13 pairs) of Lantern Moon 10", 12" or 14" Straight Needles are complete sets of luxury. Sets include 13 sizes, US 4 (3.5mm) through 19 (15/16mm). Or choose Lantern Moon Destiny Circulars. Complete sets of 13 sizes are available in 16" (40cm), 26" (66cm), 32" (80cm) and 40" (100cm) lengths.  Straight Sets and Circular Sets are available in Rosewood or Ebony Wood. 

HeartStrings Fiber Arts Patterns
Craft from the heart. HeartStrings Patterns are all available for download! Download your favorite pattern, and start a new project today.
Heart Socks Cascading Hearts Beaded Hearts Thinking of You Hearts Afghan

Dream Weaver Infinity Scarf
Free Pattern

"Super‑chic and the definition of cozy, these no‑tie wonders are suddenly everywhere." Our Simple Infinity Scarf is worked in the round. The resulting piece is soft and fluffy and can be worn draped loosely around the neck, wrapped twice around the neck, or wrapped twice around the neck and pulled over the head as a glamorous head covering. Knit with 3 skeins of Jade Sapphire 100% Mongolian Cashmere 6‑Ply.
Enjoy our FREE pattern!

Click here to see more Infinity Scarf Patterns.


Namaste proudly introduces... Monroe. Monroe features a unique 3‑compartment storage design fully equipped with extra pockets and strong magnetized closures. This beautiful bag has a rear document pocket and sturdy construction. The optional strap buddy keeps shoulder straps together so there is no slippage off the shoulders. Compliment with Namaste's new Wallet and Circular Case. All three are available in Eggplant, Lime, Peacock, Black, Red and Hollywood Pink. These are gorgeous.

Monroe Circular Case Wallet

Berroco Spring 2010 Collection
Berroco's Spring/ Summer 2010 Pattern Booklet Collection is here to inspire your warm‑weather dreaming. From new ways to knit for baby, vintage knits for the whole family, new takes on classic styles, plus the winners of Berroco's Sock Star Competition, the new pattern booklet collection is truly inspiring. Order each pattern booklet separately or order a complete set of five at a discounted price.
Berroco 292 Berroco 293 Berroco 294 Berroco 296 Berroco 297
Order the Complete Berroco Spring 2010 Pattern Booklet Collection!

Norah Gaughan Volume 6
Two very different collections, Hyperbole and Metaphor, capture the many shifting moods of spring in Norah Gaughan's new pattern book from the Berroco Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Most of these designs are created with DK Weight Yarn.

Carol Bristol Patterns

This month, Carol Bristol brings us bags to knit, and knit and felt, and a set of felted bowls crafted from the heart. Carol Bristol patterns are designed with classic style and durability in mind. The booklet patterns fit easily into your knitting bag and include detailed instructions and color photos.

Get Around
Brookfield Bag Essex Tote From the Heart Bowls Caitlin's Clutch Penelope Tote

Gourmet Crochet Patterns

Become a Gourmet Crocheter! Carolanne is a versatile wrap featuring simple lace stitches and classic pineapples. Beryl is made with a top‑down technique so it can be made in any size desired. Both Carolanne and Beryl can be crocheted with any yarn and an appropriate hook.

Mt. Vernon Shawl Kit

Designed by Tanis Grey, the Mt. Vernon Shawl is knit in Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple (100% spun silk) and Tilli Tomas Salt & Pepper (100% spun silk with petite seed beads). These beautiful silk yarns arrive carefully packed in a Dream Weaver Project Bag. 

Nantucket Iddy and Handi Bags

The Nantucket Iddy Bag, like the original Nantucket Diddy Bag, is a multi‑purpose tool bag that is reversible and convertible. Iddy, measuring 8"W x 4"D x 9"T, is petite and perfect for small projects. She can be zipped up so that the tools are on the outside or on the inside of the bag. The new Handi Bag is a larger workhorse, made of durable canvas. The Handi Bag measures 9.5"W x 6"D x 10.5"T.

Lantern Moon Palm Leaf Totes

Lantern Moon's Braided Palm Leaf Knitting Tote features a wooden handle, black cotton lining, zipper pocket, and a magnetic snap closure. The Tote is beautiful, and it is now offered at an amazing price. Available in Green, Black, Cinnamon, Goldenrod and Burgundy.

Annie Adams Shawl Pins and Trinkets
Shawl Pins, Key Chains and Magnets from Annie Adams.  Crafted in lead-free pewter.
Groove Round Leaf Twig Shawl Pins Blossom Groove Square
Yarn Ball Keychain Magnets YARN Keychain

Boye Suede Slipper Soles

Boye Suede Slipper Soles are available in Women's Sizes 6‑7.5, 8‑8.5 and 9‑10.5. Use these soles to craft Coco Knits Prairie Boots. Coco Knits' comfy, cozy Prairie Boots will get you through the coldest winters. Turn them down or leave them up. You don't need to seam; just add funky Buttons and they are ready to wear. It is so fun to watch them take shape on your needles that you can easily become addicted to this trendy pattern.

Offhand Designs
Switch is Offhand Designs' new luxury tri‑fold clutch for Interchangeable Knitting Needles and Notions. Switch features 12 slots labeled with US and metric sizes, two pockets for cables, and a zippered pocket. This beautiful clutch accommodates full Addi Click and Denise sets. Switch will ship in Spring 2010. Pre-order now.
Zhivago Gatsby Scottie Suzannah Maude
Circular Clutches


 Knit your hearts! Click here for our FREE heart pattern.


Knit and crochet something cozy, and keep warm.

Happy February,

Dream Weaver Yarns





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