February 2011

Presenting our latest collection of yarns, patterns, notions, and creative tools. Curl up in your favorite chair and craft with us this cold winter. It's a fine way to stay warm!

New at Dream Weaver Yarns
Crafting Handbags

Embark on your most incredible project yet. Noni’s newest design, the Bedouin Bag, is created with luscious Shepherds Wool. We feature everything you need to craft this beautiful bag. Find the Bedouin Bag Pattern, Shepherds Wool, the Amazing Snap and the Budapest Handle at Dream Weaver Yarns. Easily assemble all these pieces by ordering a Bedouin Bag Kit, and craft incredible!

Noni’s Cinch Bag was our top selling design at Vogue Knitting Live. Click here to order a kit to create Noni’s very impressive Cinch Bag.

JUL Handbag Hardware

Floral Rings

JUL offers us handles and hardware of unsurpassed quality. Find the complete collection of these beautiful products at Dream Weaver Yarns.

Amazing Snap

Botanical Earth Explorer

Mountain Explorer

Budapest Handles

Lisbon Handles

Purse Frames


Artyarns produces luxury hand-dyed natural yarns in rich colors, using only the finest cashmere, silks, mohair, merino wools, and select embellishments. Artyarns fibers are proudly manufactured in the United States.

Artyarns crafts the award winning mohair yarn at Vogue Knitting Live!

Beaded Mohair Sequins

Silk Mohair Glitter

Silk Mohair

Mohair Splash

Silk Rhapsody Glitter
Compliment this beautiful yarn with pure Silk Pearl.  170 yards of DK weight luxury.  This chain silk is crisp and glossy and never pills.  It is soft the touch, and it will not stretch.

Shawl with Sequins

Top-Down Cardi

One-Skein Capelet

Luxury Bolero

Mohair Lace Shawl

Bijou Bason Ranch

Bijou Bason Ranch produces exquisite yak fibers and yarns. Craft a true original with this very special fiber created for knitability and softness.

Cerelia Shawl

Caprice Tank

Skirt and Capelet

Boardwalk Shawl

Lace Mobius

Slouchy Bliss

Diamond Tank

Mera Shrug

Tashi Vest

Kumasi Shawl

Himalayan Socks

Gobi Cowl

Braid Brocade Socks


Spec-Yak-ular Socks

Dolce Handknits

Travel the world with Dolce Handknits. From Milan to Sausalito we are crafting delicious style.











New Tilli Tomas Kit

New from Tilli Tomas, create the Cunningham Shrug with just two skeins of Tilli Tomas Salt & Pepper (100% Spun Silk and Seed Beads).

Adorning the Hands

Barista Mitts by Lisa Ellis, in three flavors – three cables of our choice and buttons of your choice equal one of a kind mitts, every time you knit them. Grace Akhrem Victoria Fingerless Gloves are easy-to-knit romantic glamour.

New Notions

Stitch Marker Bracelet

Electronic Row Counter

Gift Tags

Yarn Yardage Counter

Titanium Scissors

Sapa Fog

Piggy Tape

Panda Tape

Meadow Project Bag

Collect all the cute Lantern Moon Tape Measures!

Surina Needles and Hooks
Surina Wood Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks are made from Surina wood obtained from plantations in India. The tree from which Surina wood is taken is known as "the elegant tree" with good reason. These trees are tall and very straight. They have tiny branches, and they produce a wood which is hard yet light in weight, light pink in color, and very suitable for woodworking. In Kolkata (Calcutta), highly trained artisans turn this elegant wood into exceptional Crochet Hooks and Knitting Needles, highlighting natural grain, hyper smoothness of the wood, and handmade perfect finish.

Frabjous Embellishment Pins

Pretty Felted Sunflower Pins and Daisy Pins will adorn anything. Use these to embellish bags, hats, scarves, and whatever else you want to add a bit of pizzazz and color to. A pin is attached to the back. These nifty adornments measure approximately 3"-4".

Trendsetter Heart Shawl Sticks and Beads and Leaves Shawl Pins

Beads and Leaves

Stunningly beautiful Heart Shawl Sticks sparkle and shine. They include a blown glass heart with impeccable attention to detail, on an exotic wood stick. Beads and Leaves Shawl Pins feature dangling beads and leaves.

Heart Shawl Sticks
Namaste’s New Bitty Bag

Namaste crafts animal-friendly bags that meld fashion and function. Their newest bag is compact, yet roomy, and guaranteed to make you smile. Bitty is 11.5" long at top and 13" at bottom x 3" wide at top and 5" at bottom, height is 7". In six cool Namaste colors.

Lace Shawl Pins from JUL

Exquisite pins featuring exotic woods, from JUL.

Palm Triangle Lace

Twig Lace

Rosewood Circles

Sapodilla Stripes

Black Onyx Sapodilla

Tilli Tomas Voile de la Mer

This Valentine's Day, take your knitting to the sea with Tilli Tomas Voile de la Mer. This luxurious yarn is 70% silk and 30% kelp seaweed. Voile de la Mer, veil of the sea, is a lace-weight yarn available in a beautiful array of romantic colors. Swim in a sea of silk with Tilli Tomas!

Gifts from the Heart

Felted Bowls

Celebrate February! Try Alsatian Soaps Knitted Heart Soap, designed to clean and moisturize knitter’s hands and prevent dry patches that may snag fibers. Knit heart shaped bowls with Carol Bristol’s Heart Felted Bowls Pattern. Click here to view our products for Valentines Day and Love. Click here to view products for Wedding and Bridal.

Lavender Soap

HeartStrings Fiber Arts

Craft from the heart with patterns from HeartStrings. Download your favorite pattern today, and start crafting Valentines.

Thinking of You

Hearts Comfortghan

Beaded Hearts

Heart Socks

Cascading Hearts

Knit your hearts! Click here for our free heart pattern, and put a little heart everywhere.

Use our Wish List feature to let your Valentine know what special treats you’d like for Valentine’s Day this year!

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Emily Stevens! Emily won a $50 Dream Weaver Yarns Gift Certificate for joining our email list at Vogue Knitting Live in New York City. Thank you to all the new Dream Weavers who joined our list. We hope you enjoy.

Knit and crochet soft and cozy, and keep warm!

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