November 2009

(You've been very good!)

Sig'nits Labels Lexie Barnes Alsatian Soaps Babs Scissor Minder The Knit Kit
Stitch Savers Sheep Bookmark Project Bags Silk Fan Cases Knitter Wine Charms
Floral Shawl Pin Offhand Designs JUL Buddha Earrings Atenti Electric Winder
Knit Out Box Annie Adams Namaste Poetry Buttons Knit Necklaces
Lantern Moon Moving Mud Debra's Garden Offhand Clutches Filigree Collection
Artistic Sticks Be Sweet Lace Shawl Pins Sweet Cases Glass Needles
Namaste Zuma Shawl Pins Interchangeables Peppermint Tapes Zecca
Deux Femmes Stitch Marker Jewelry Silver Bracelets Crocheted Toppers Glass Hooks
Knitter's Gift Knit Heart Soap Crafter's Pins Shea & Silk Soap Hand Lotion


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