January 2016

Let it snow!  Knit something to keep you warm and cozy.
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New at Dream Weaver Yarns

Noni's Window Shopping in Soho

Everything you need to make this fringed cowl that will put you on the leading edge of the fashion curve. This cowl design was inspired by a scarf in a shop window in New York. It is a unique cowl that, when wrapped around your neck twice, snuggles close and keeps out the brisk winds. Alternatively, leave it unwrapped when winds are not so brisk: it wears like an art piece you picked up in a shop in, well, Soho, that specializes in all things fine and custom-made.

Offered in an exquisite bulky yarn, the drape is a pleasure and, because it is worked on large needles, you'll be able to make 1 in a weekend (maybe a night!). Finish it off with 2 JUL Gate Hinge Closures in Pebble Black. A beautiful cowl. A beautiful gift. A treasure for yourself.

Outlander Kits

These cozy Outlander Kits come in both a knit or crochet version!  At a great price!













Wool & Wire Stitch Marker Jewelry

Each luxury piece in the Wool and Wire collection is handcrafted in the USA from copper-core wire dipped in .999 pure silver with genuine fresh-water pearls and/or faceted crystals. Hypoallergenic. Add additional markers as desired!

Scissor Fob


Shawl Pin


Cocoknits Row Counter

The Cocoknits row counter has been designed with a steel back so you can attach the row counter to your Cocoknits Knitter's Keep, windows that magnify the numbers so you can clearly see which row you are on, the row counter is constructed of high-quality, translucent polycarbonate for a clean, modern look. It is packaged in a kraft cylinder and includes a small cotton bag for storage.

Atenti Overnight and Maude in Llama

See Atenti's newest faux fur addition -- Llama.  Featured in both the Atenti Overnight Bag, and Atenti Maude. CLICK HERE See all Atenti designs in luxurious fabrics.

Swans Island Irish Braid Hat

Swans Island Irish Braid Hat is a cabled hat uses just one skein of Swans Island Natural Colors Organic Merino Worsted Weight and is the perfect cozy hat that'll be appreciated by anyone on your gift list this year.

Knitting Soaps

Handmade soaps themed for knitters. Crafted with natural ingredients. These products are designed to clean and moisturize knitter's hands to prevent dry patches that may snag fibers. A great Valentine's Day gift for your favorite kniter!

Noni's Lunch at Julienne's Bag

The perfect bag for your make-up essentials, or for your favorite knitting accessories, lovely for a luncheon or dinner party!

The Knit Kit
New and improved! A great gift! Tired of searching in your knitting bag or purse for your knitting notions? The Knit Kit is the Swiss Army Knife of knitting tools. The Knit Kit includes a crochet hook, locking counter, 5 ft. tape measure, stitch markers, darning needle, tip protectors, and collapsible scissors (TSA Compliant) all put together in a very durable, compact, easy to locate device. Everything you need to take your project on the go. "Never lose your knit knacks again!"


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