July 2013

Happy 4th!

Hello, Dream Weavers! Summertime is here!
Keep cool and craft patriotic style.

Patriotic Socks

Mini Lace Beaded

Cell Phone Sack

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Offhand Designs's Arya

The newest addtion to Offhand Designs's coveted lineup of crafting bags and accessory cases is Arya! This capacious carry-all features 3 compartments and endless pockets, pouches, and tool slots. Arya boasts room for all your electronics and books. A central compartment pops open and stays open with a practical hex frame to hold your craft project while you work or so you can see deep into the corners. Arya features short handles as well as a luxurious adjustable shoulder strap which extends to wear cross body if you wish. This gorgeous bag has it all!

The Atenti Soft Tote

Atenti's eye-catching collection of knitting and crochet bags and cases now includes the Atenti Soft Tote! This fresh tote has a magnetic closure and is fully lined in animal print cotton with a zippered pocket and a divided pocket with a cell phone slot. The Atenti Soft Tote features a single 17" strap and a brass ring and ultra-suede embellishment. Coordinating notions or cosmetics cases are available.

The Metro Pop Messenger Bag

Tote your crafty projects in the contemporary Metro Pop Messenger Bag. Thoughtfully created by the makers of the popular Yarn Pops, this cool bag features lots of storage, a zipper closure, and a separate pocket for tools. Measuring 12"x13"x3", Metro Pop is sized to hold your tablet or 13" laptop along with your creative tools and creative works in progress.

Namaste Oh Snap!

Oh Snap! is a divinely simple way to keep your stuff in its right place. Oh Snap! brings the Zen back to your life, and to your handbag. Whether you're a tidy two-shoes or a messy marvin, Oh Snap! mesh cases keep it all together for you. Now in Pumpkin Spice and Hollywood Pink.

New from JUL

This month JUL introduces a handy new purse strap and an impressive capelet pattern.

The Sleek Release Handle is 24" and features pull-release hooks on each end. This versatile handle is available in black.

The Alluvial Fan Capelet is inspired by a geologic formation in which a fan-shaped deposit of sediment forms when fast-flowing water emerges from a narrow stream or canyon into an open plain. There the water slows creating a fanning series of ridges formed by settled sedimentary material and eroding water channels. The Capelet is knit side to side, with a series of "channels" created in stockinette and "ridges" created in reverse stockinette.

Swans Island

New from Swans Island, the Old Port Scarf (available in a kit!), the Sarah Bandana, and the Swans Island Throw.

Old Port Scarf

Sarah Bandana

Swans Island Throw

HPKY Summer Cardigan Kit

The HPKY Summer Cardigan Kit includes Fine Merino Superwash Wool and the pattern to create this colorful cardigan. The easy chevron pattern is knit in one piece starting at the back bottom.

Nelkin Designs Pioneer Cuff Kit

The Pioneer Cuff is a lace cuff knit in a lovely light cashmere/merino yarn that incorporates both pre-strung beads that are slipped in between stitches and Czech crystal beads that are placed on stitches with super floss. This is a GREAT learning cuff, for teaching multiple beading techniques and knitting simple lace! The pattern is both charted and written out and includes video links for working with the beads. The kit is packaged in a perfectly sized organza drawstring pouch that can be used as gift packaging once you finish your cuff.

In Needle News...

This month we feature lots of Addi Interchangeable cord options! Find Addi Click Bamboo Mixed Cord and Connector Set, as well as a 3 pack of your favorite length, Addi Lace Click Single Cords for Short Tips, the patent-pending Addi Click SOS Cord Sets Multi Pack or a 3 Pack of our favorite length, and the Addi Click Turbo and Long Tip Lace Cord and Connector Set 3 pack.

Cord-Connector Set for
Addi Click Bamboo

3 Pack Cord Set
for Addi Click Bamboo

Single Cords
for Short Tips

Addi Click
SOS Cord Set

Chiaogoo introduces the Spin Bamboo Circular Interchangeable Set with 4" Tips. These interchangeables are stored in a lovely, compact zippered case and include 4" tips in sizes 2 through 8 and cables in lengths 16" (2 cables), 22", 30" and 38". The set is screw-in style with a swivel connection. Connectors and stoppers are included!

Mimi Mink Yarn

This IS luscious! (We saved the best for last.) The new big thing is... Lotus Yarns Mimi Mink Yarn. Mimi is a super soft, 100% Mink yarn. (Yes, REAL Mink.) No animals are harmed, hurt, or injured through the production of this fiber. The fiber is sheered from the Mink (just as a sheep). They are sheered and they continue to go about their day and produce a new growth of hair. The yarn is magnificent.

Celebrate Summer!
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