June 2009

There is no finer way to spend a summer day than crafting at the beach, by the pool, or in your favorite chair. Summer is heating up. Soak up this cool June inspiration, and enjoy with your lemonade.

Poppies Mandeville Hydrangeas Peonies Garden Party

Hanzoncreativity Freeform
"Freeform knitting is exactly like it sounds: Knitting without a pattern, beginning with a few small shapes and building from them in every which way until you have a totally unusual, intentionally uneven and texturally fascinating piece of fabric."
Clara Parks, Knitter's Review
Jewels Vineyard Naturals Autumn Starlight


Hanzoncreativity Freeform Bag Kits contain everything you need to create a beautiful freeform bag. Included, find a selection of fancy yarns and ribbons, a bag frame, knitting needles and crochet hook, bag handles, a hand-crafted unique embellishment, beads, and detailed instructions.

Portable Projects - Shawls!
Knit in light Lace Weight Yarns and create pretty summer cover ups.
Simple Triangle Faceted Gems Fleur de la Mer Ring of Lace Ethereal Fichu

Creative Designs Shawl Pins
Shawl pins by Creative Designs are crafted with seashells and exotic woods.
Ebony Charms Shell Flowers Abalone Shells Exotic Woods

JUL Colors Shawl Pins
Create in any color and find a complimentary shawl pin to match.
Crafting Purses

For purse makers, JUL’s bright summer line features new JUL Colors Resin Rings and Tiny Colors Purse and Bag Feet. Find all the Purse-making Hardware you need at DreamWeaverYarns.com!


Knit from the heart. Our collection of downloadable HeartStrings Patterns is growing. Our impressive collection includes socks, shawls, scarves, sweaters, vests and home and holiday-inspired designs.

Matchmaker Feat of Twist Mini Lace Flag Daylight & Shadows Summer Solstice
Lace and Ribs Rose Trellis Beading Heart Shaped Tee Beanstalk
Market Bag Beaded Swirls Patriotic Socks Summer Anklets Sport Footies
Palette of Colors Waves and Flowers Juliet Cap Thistle Lace Stole Lace Leaves

Pick Up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks Swirl Hat in botanical style.  Sized for baby to adult.

Buffalo Gold
From beneath the shaggy mantle of the North American bison come three new luxury yarns -- two lace weight blends and a sport weight in pure bison down. Variegated Buffboo #13 Lace Weight, joins Buffalo Gold’s original Buffboo #13 (a bison and bamboo blend), in a colorway of rich blues, purples, mauves and greens. Lux #12 Lace Weight is an incredibly soft blend of bison, silk and cashmere, available in 5 luxury colors. Buffalo Gold #3 Sport Weight is pure bison down available in rich bison brown.
Buffboo #13 Lace Buffalo Gold #3 Sport Lux #12 Lace
Buffalo Beaded Socks Stairstep Tam Split Cable Wimple Pillared Archways

Tilli Tomas Cleopatra and Nile
New renditions of these popular yarns are back! Craft with luxurious 100% Dupioni silk ribbon. Compliment Nile with beaded Cleopatra
Cleo Atmosphere Nile Jade Cleo Coral Sap Nile Moroccan Blue Cleo Rattan

Tilli Tomas on SALE!
Tilli Tomas Demi-Plie Silk is now just $12 per skein.  290 yards of lace-weight luxury. Create something incredible! (Pair this beautiful yarn with Demi Plie Sequin Lace and Demi-Plie Beaded Lace.)
  Deanna’s Vintage in Tilli Tomas  
Create a glamorous beaded scarf with Deanna's Vintage Pre-Strung Beads and two luscious skeins of Tilli Tomas Yarn. The pattern for the Shell Fringe Scarf or the Patty Scarf is included FREE in our specially-priced kit.

Atenti Needle Cases

Step over to the wild side! The Atenti Needle Case is available in several rich brocades and chenilles, trimmed in animal prints. This Glamorous Needle Case features a water resistant taffeta lining and 15 needle pockets (including 5 see-thru pockets), two large pockets, and an all-around zipper closure.

Two Stix Crochet Hook and Double Point Cases
Two Stix Crochet Hook and Double Point Cases are felted wool, hand embroidered and hand embellished. Each is an original work of art. Each has 10 slots for hooks or needles, and two wide pockets. Each is the perfect compliment to a Two Stix Bag.

New Namaste

Namaste's new beautiful bag, Hermosa, is shipping in June. This bag has it all! Namaste’s largest bag features exterior pouches with two separate compartments, a rear pattern pocket, water bottle storage, an extra side pocket, and super solid construction. The interior features a zipper pocket and two open-top pockets. Hermosa is a "must-have" for anyone who carries it all.

Namaste’s Mini Clutch features a detachable shoulder strap, two interior snap-top pockets (great for crochet hooks, scissors, pens or other small items), storage for your credit cards and cell phone, and super strong magnets for fast closure. This new little clutch is ridiculously cute.

Mesh notions cases make organizing your supplies a snap. Oh Snap! is now bigger than ever. XL and XXL sizes are available in a handy set of two. Original sets of three include Small, Medium and Large.

Needle News - New addi Lace Needle Sizes

Addi’s popular Lace Needle Collection now includes ten sizes of needles, US 0 (2mm) through US 11 (8mm). Designed for lace knitting, these famous needles quickly became a favorite to knitters who appreciate precision pointy-tips. Now we can craft all our projects at turbo speed with Addi Turbo Lace Circulars!

i needle you man
The i needle you man is here! For better or worse, he will solve all your needle sizing problems. And he's always there when you need him -- available to size US or metric needles. This little man is made in Norway. He is about 4" (10cm) tall and extremely cool.

*     *     *     *     *

"You knit with great skill, madame."
"I am accustomed to it."
"A pretty pattern too!"
"You think so?" said madame, looking at him with a smile.
"Decidedly. May one ask what it is for?"
"Pastime," said madame, still looking at him with a smile while her fingers moved nimbly.
"Not for use?"
"That depends. I may find a use for it one day. If I do – Well," said madame, drawing a breath and nodding her head with a stern kind of coquetry, "I'll use it!"

-- Conversation with Madam Defarge, in Chapter 22 of
A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (1859)*

*     *     *     *     *

Creating by hand. Our pastime in 1859, and our pastime in 2009.  

Enjoy our favorite pastime this summer.

   Ann & Natalie


*In Charles Dickens's famous novel, Madam Defarge knitted continuously while attending meetings of the French Revolutionary assemblies. She encoded a long list of aristocrats and enemies of the Revolutionary government in the stitches of her knitting.


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