August 2009

Gatsby Warwick Atenti Overnight Offhand Suzannah Atenti Satchel Offhand Daisy
Be Sweet Shelley Nantucket Diddy Hermosa Two Stix Namaste Zuma


My Favorite Needle and Hook Case

Cali Cozy Offhand Deluxe Be Sweet Marilyn Atenti
Crochet-Double Silk Fan Offhand Circular Silk Cases Two Stix Crochet


Gauge Checks

Dream Weaver i needle u man Goose Pond Debra's Pendant Nancy's Knit Knacks


Tape Measures

Take the Cake Pinnochio Flowers Chicken Peppermint
Sheep Zecca Ladybug Bee


Stitch Markers

Crochet Markers Debra's Garden Zecca Lace Markers Heidi Petach
Cat's Markers Split Markers Locking Markers Ring Markers Jewel Markers


Stitch Holders

Addi Safety Pin Clover Double Ended Susan Bates Clover Jumbo Double Clover Jumbo



Sliding Pocket Scissor Lite Cheetah Zecca Embroidery Fleur de Lis


Cable Needles

Clover Jumbo U Lantern Moon Clover Straight Clover U


Darning Needles

Bent Tip Jumbo Bent Moving Mudd Chibi Super Jumbo


A Row Counter

Kacha Mini Row Counter Plus Kacha Kacha Electronic Counter Knit Register


Point Protectors

Clover Antique Circular Protectors Zecca Protectorz Clover Zecca Snip Tipz


Weavers and Threaders

Double Threader Yarn Threader Clover Threader Thread Lite Yarn End Weaver


Stitch Fixers

Lantern Moon Repair Lighted Fixers Stitch Savers The Handi Tool


Notions Cases and Organizers

Dream Weaver Go Knit Buddy Catalina Oh Snap!


Quick Reference Guides

Crocheter's Handy Guide
to Yarn Requirements
Knit Cards Rainbow Color Selector Knitter's Handy Guide
to Yarn Requirements


This and That

Sheep Bookmark Pattern Tamers The Knit Kit Fray Check WPI Tool
Coil Needle Holders Little Sweater Holders Yarn Bobbins Yarn Cutters Yarn Bras
Pom Pom Makers Knit Witty Zecca Vials Marking Pins Knit Light


Dream Weaver Info Cards

Yarn Weights Garment Care Needle Conversions Yardage Estimates Abbreviations


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Ann & Natalie



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