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March 2006

An Early Spring

Plan for an early Spring with Rowan's beautiful new Spring patterns. Find a luxurious touch of gold in A Midas Touch, the soft touch of cotton in Rowan's All Seasons Cotton Collection, a taste of Italy in Tuscan Retreat, and cool, bohemian style in Rowan's Knitting & Crochet Magazine 39.

New at Dream Weaver Yarns

Namaste -- Created by knitters for knitters, Namaste's beautiful glass needles are precisely sized and perfectly shaped. They are crafted with careful attention to detail from point to end. The needles are available in four styles, Sphere, Cone, Dots and Tubes. Sphere, Cone and Dots are available in US 8, 10, 11, 13 and 15. Tubes are available in US 17 and 19. They are exquisite.
Store and protect your beautiful glass needles in a Namaste Shell, Rollup or Cozy. Though these glass needles are not as fragile as you might think, Namaste's cases are designed to honor the quality and design of these incredible needles.

Namaste's Knitter's Handbags each feature two completely separate sections inside, one for purse items and one for your knitting project.  These well-thought-out knitter's handbags are available in three styles, Executive, Everyday and Jetsetter, and each is offered in nine contemporary colors.

Namaste's Vintage Bag is inspired by a 1940's classic. This gorgeous bag has already received rave reviews by knitters! The spacious bag features needle holders around the outside so that you can show off your beautiful collection. The Vintage Bag is available in six colors. This hot new bag will ship in May. Order now so we are sure to have your choice on hand. (As always, we will not charge your credit card until we ship.)
Namaste's Needle and Notions Binder is a unique and stylish way to organize your tools and knitting supplies. The Binder comes with four different "pages," one for large straight needles, one for small straight needles, one for circular needles, and one for notions and extra storage. Order extra pages as you need them to customize your Binder.

New Stitch Diva Patterns

Creations in hairpin lace!  We saw designer Jennifer Hansen wearing her hairpin lace skirt at Stitches West, and it is gorgeous. Take a look at these hot new patterns from Stitch Diva, each innovative and incredibly impressive.

French Girl

Indulge in these romantic designs from French Girl. Seattle designer Kristeen Griffin-Grimes brings us 16 new patterns featuring Rowan yarns.

Offhand Designs Spring Update
Offhand's new Spring bags will ship this month. Reserve your special bag today (if you haven't already!). Ursula, Eve and the Zelda bags are all available in any of Offhand's luscious Spring fabrics.
New Books
New Magazines
Take a journey with Knit.1's Spring 2006 travel issue and find patterns from around the world. Find fresh Spring patterns and classic styles in Interweave Spring 2006.
Stitches West Contest Winner
And the winner is... Sharon Spence.  Sharon won a $50 Dream Weaver Yarns Gift Certificate for joining our e-mail list at Stitches West.
We strive to be the first to feature hot new products and ideas for knit and crochet. Our newsletters and e-postcards are the way to find out about them! In addition, we announce our sales and specials via e-mail. Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and joined our e-mail list.
As I finish writing this newsletter I'm thinking -- "Wow. It's been a busy month!" Time to fix a Candy Apple Martini and sit and knit Candy Apple Martini!
New Yarn Cocktails you might like to try . . .
Hurricane Coconut Cream Pie Candy Apple Martini Cowgirl's Prayer Strawberry Dream

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Enjoy March knitting and crocheting, and (hopefully) an early Spring,

Ann and Natalie

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