March 2015

Springtime Crafting

It's almost Spring! Celebrate with a new springtime project.

What's new at Dream Weaver Yarns

JUL Shawl Pins and Closures

JUL features the finest Shawl Pins and Closures you will find anywhere. Choose traditonal shawl pins, Pedestal Buttons, and other Creative Closures to suit your style and compliment your hand knits perfectly.

Pedestal Buttons require no sewing and no button holes. These unique buttons can close a sweater or be used as a shawl pin. They can cinch a cowl, shape the back of a sweater, make a hat fit, and pull in a cuff to make a sleeve blouse and protect from drafts.

Flame Pedestal Button

Fern Lace Stick Pin

Cracking Coconut Shawl Pin

Rosewood Circles Shawl Stick

String of Silver Beads Shawl Pin

JUL Leather Purse Handles


Berlin Bag Handles by JUL are removable and adjustable, and crafted with the highest quality hardware available, for a stunning, sophisticated, sleek look. Berlin is rugged and pragmatic, unisex, down-to-business, and stylish with no fuss.

Barcelona Bag Handles are curvaceous, bold enough for a man's bag, and sensuous enough for a woman's purse. Berlin and Barcelona handle styles are both 26" in length and made in the USA.


JUL Semo Collar Pattern

Semo Pass (Semo La) is a mountain pass in Central Tibet. At over 18,000 feet, it may be the highest vehicle-accessible pass in the world. This knitted design, however, is accessible to almost any knitter, no matter the skill level. Semo can be a scarf or a wrap, and it can be worked in any weight and amount of yarn. Offset increases and decreases give an asymmetrical, subtle zig-zag shape to simple, meditative stitching. Wear this with a stunning JUL Mod Loop Closure.

Semo Scarf or Wrap

Lisa Ellis Designs Chasing Butterflies Cardigan Pattern

The Chasing Butterflies Cardigan Pattern by Lisa Ellis Designs is designed for girls 6 months through 3T. The design is worked from the bottom up and has no seams. Butterflies are easily created by slipping stitches and then gathering the floats. Easy short rows create the perfect sleeves for a whimsical spring sweater. This pretty design is for the intermediate knitter.

Lisa Ellis Designs Ruching Hat and Asccessories Pattern

The Ruching Hat and Accessories Pattern by Lisa Ellis Designs includes patterns for two hats, boot wraps, and a cowl. Effortlessly stylish, this series is a breeze to knit. Ruching creates a relaxed and youthful appearance while adding texture and depth. Two hats to choose from in two different yarn weights feature two ways to incorporate the ruching, one during knitting and one after completing the project.

iRoller Touchscreen Cleaner

Browse Dream Weaver Yarns fingerprint free! The iRoller Touchscreen Cleaner is a liquid-free, reusable screen cleaner for your smartphone, tablet, or any other touchscreen device. It is small and easy to carry, and it removes dust, bacteria and finger smudges in a jiffy.

iRoller Touchscreen Cleaner

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Knit shamrocks.

Beaded Shamrock Socks

Beaded Shamrock Bracelet

Frolicking Shamrock Socks

Happy Spring!

Craft for Spring.

Lace Cross

Felted Baskets

Tiny Violet Hand Puff

Springtime Pillows

Jelly Beans Socks

Wishing you a crafty Spring,
Dream Weaver Yarns


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