November 2012    
This Thanksgiving we are thankful for so many things, and most of all for you. Thank you for your patronage! As the holiday season begins, during the month of November, we will be offering each order over $100 a free Dream Weaver Yarns Gauge Check! Enter Coupon Code dwthanks at checkout. (While supplies last.)

Beautiful Karbonz Needles are shipping this month!
A revolutionary product! New-age needles made from High-Tech carbon fiber with tips in nickel plated brass! Combination of two versatile materials - light bodied flexible carbon fiber & sharp brass tips -- guaranteed to provide an unparalleled knitting experience. Available in Circular, Straight, and Double Pointed.

Pretty Kits from JUL

Sediment Collar
Unique collars and cowls from JUL adorned with a JUL Venetian Hing Closure or JUL French Curve Closures.
Strata Collar

Lava Flow Collar

JUL Rivulet Kit on SALE!

Quick Knit Noni Bag Kits -- Just 1 skein!

Noni 6-8-10 Bag Kit

Noni 6-8-10 in Stitch Red

Noni W Bag Kit

The limited edition Noni 6-8-10 Stitch Red Bag can be crafted in three sizes. Choose your size. The kit includes everything you need. Stitch Red is a national heart disease awareness campaign supported by the needlearts industry. The campaign is driving efforts to draw attention to heart disease, the #1 killer of women in the United States, help people understand their risk factors for the disease and encourage the adoption of healthier lifestyles to protect heart health. As a participant in the campaign, Noni Designs has pledged 5% of gross profits earned through the sale of this bag kit to benefit the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) in support of “The Heart Truth,” a national awareness campaign for women about heart disease, sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Dreamz Holiday Gift Set is shipping this month!

New Patterns

OneLoopShy 10 Rounds

OneLoopShy Quicker Cowl

OneLoopShy 13 Stitches

Toby Roxane Bethnal Green

CocoKnits Katarina

Joji Boxy

Cocoknits Yvonne

Francine Toukou Onyx & Iron

Cocoknits Yvonne

New Patterns from Dolce Handknits







Qiviuk (Qiviut) Royal Blend Yarn
(50% Qiviuk, 50% Silk)

Qiviuk (Qiviut) Yarn

QIVIUT (aka QIVIUK): Qiviut is the designer drug for the hand knitter -- wildly expensive, hard to find, and instantly addictive, so that once you have tried it, you will do everything in your power to use it again.*

*Excerpt from "The Secret Language of Knitters" by Mary Beth Temple.

Annie's Qiviuk Scarf
Dyelot Yarn Recovery Package
The "Recovery Package" is a 1040 yd package comprised of 4 skeins of cotton and viscose (two pure, two blends). Multiple skeins of yarn are dyed together to make unique, yet coordinated packages. When working with this yarn, you switch yarns every few rows to create an interesting look of vibrant color and texture. This shimmery, vibrant package has been introduced in 4 colorways.

JUL Pink and Blue SALE!

Prague Leather Handle
JUL Pink and Blue Leather Handles
 on SALE!

Lisbon or Budapest

New from Addi
The addi-Art Diamond is a 32” US 15 circular needle. This once in a lifetime creation features a visible core of genuine Swarovski crystals which twinkle and dance in celebration of every stitch you knit.
Supercharge your felting! With the patented addi Quick felting tool, you can make accessories, ornaments, figures, and even felted shoes in the blink of an eye. The addi Quick is a workhorse, and boasts a rapid needle insertion of 2,500 depressions per minute. Thus, fabrics and fibers will felt very quickly!

Dress a bottle of wine for the holidays with these adorable hand crocheted toppers! Choose Snowflake, Snowman and Christmas Tree motifs.

These are ready-to-give! No crochet required.

Adorable Greeting Cards from Lantern Moon
  Three different design sets with 5 cards included in each.  All Occasion Greeting Cards, Christmas Greeting Cards, and Winter Greeting Cards.

Knitterella Happy Holidays Gift Tags
These unique gift tags have handy fiber care information on the back! 6 gift tags per pack. 2.5" x 5".

Happy Thanksgiving!
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