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October 2006

Gifted Knitting and Crochet

As October begins, we are thinking about holiday gifting in the most meaningful way -- with our handcrafted creations. Turn your time and talent into a truly special gift. Knit and crochet beautiful hats, scarves, gloves and gauntlets for everyone on your gift list. Now is the time to start!

Create knit and crochet jewelry, purses, belts and bags glamorous gifts for giving.

Create for baby.
Create for home.

What's New

Tilli Tomas Mogul and Aspen Yarn

Experience the height of luxury. Tilli Tomas brings us the finest 100% wool yarn, hand-dyed in the beautiful jewel-like Tilli Tomas colors. Mogul glimmers with European glass beads and Aspen compliments. Create Stitch Diva's Simple Knitted Bodice in these extraordinary yarns.

New Patterns
Cosette Fantine Pure Elegance
Head off to France with the French Girl. Cosette and Fantine are created in Big Wools, only 1 skein for Cosette and 2-4 for Fantine. These designs are quick knits, great gifts, and in glamorous style. Create the elegant Know Knits Tank with Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple and Disco Lights.
New Books

Chart your patterns with The Knitting Architect and The Advanced Knitting Architect. Create your own designs with ease. These great little books will show you how.

Tahki Fall/Winter 2006 includes 29 casual designs. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK Patterns is a collection of designs that are a celebration of the knitted stitch, ribs and cables, bobbles and fairisles, all worked in versatile DK weight yarn.

New Magazines
Collecting Needles
Options abound for the collector when it comes to knitting needles and crochet hooks. There is no shortage of choices for today's knit and crochet enthusiast. Whether you choose luxurious glass or wood, or functional plastic or metal, you will find quality in design and beautiful style.

At Dream Weaver Yarns, our knitting needle collections include Namaste Glass Needles, hand-painted Bella Blue Needles, Lantern Moon Rosewood and Ebony Wood Needles, Ed Jenkins Maple Needles, hand-carved Surina Wood Needles, Denise Interchangeable Needles, Knit Stix Aluminum Needles (with built in measure!) and Knit Lite Lighted Needles, as well as Inox and Susan Bates.

Our crochet hook collections include Michael & Sheila Ernst Glass Crochet Hooks, hand-painted Bella Blue Crochet Hooks, hand-carved Surina Wood Crochet Hooks, Ed Jenkins Maple Crochet Hooks, Takumi Bamboo Crochet Hook Gift Sets, Needle Lite Lighted Crochet Hooks, Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks, as well as Susan Bates.

We now have a full line of Clover Bamboo 7" Double Point Needles -- perfect for socks and hats! These high-quality needles are available in sizes US 0 through US 15.

Big news -- Denise Interchangeable Needles in US 17 and US 19 are on the way. Round out your Denise Set with these new larger size needles.

Just in -- Handles for Berroco's Knitting Tote are now in stock. Create the Tote in Berroco Suede. The pattern is Free!

See our new Gauge Check!

Enjoy gifted knitting and crochet throughout this colorful month.

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"I knit, therefore I am . . . gifted."

Happy October,

Ann and Natalie

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