December 2011 Special Edition

Knit and Crochet Sticky Notes

Bent Metal Markers

Notions Cases

Character Buttons

Bamboo Needle Holder

Chic Sac

Heart Needle Threader

Pedestal Buttons

Crocheter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements

Crochet Happy Tape Measure

Felted Daisy Adornment

Necessary Pins

Faux Leather Tape Measures

Diamond Shawl Pin

Dumpling Stitch Markers

Dream Weaver Yarn Caddies

Embroidery Angel

Enamel Stitch Markers

Notions Cases

Charm Markers

Sheep Bookmark

Stitch Markers

Handmade Gift Tags

Happy Holidays Gift Tags

Accessory Cases

Holiday Knitting Patterns

Interweave Gift Tags

Jelly Fingers Thimbles

Luxury Project Bags

Gelato Buttons

Pedestal Buttons

Buddha Buttons

Kacha Counter

Heart Markers

Stork Scissors

Tape Measures with Neck Straps

Knit Happy Tape Measures

Harmony Cable Needles

Emergency Fix Key Chains

Cable Needles and Case

Whimsical Markers

Repair Hook in Case

Whimsical Tape Measures

Little Sweater Key Chains

Whimsical Markers

Greeting Cards

Needle Gauges

Floral Pedestal Buttons

Holiday Knitter's Soaps

Pewter Stitch Markers

Mini Stitch Dots

Puppy Snips

Rainbow Color Selector

Sajou Rose Pins

Wood Shawl Pins

Garment Labels of Love

Sock Doctor Key Chains

Stitch Dots

Stitch Saver Key Chains

Surina Shawl Pins

Sweater Needle Holders

JUL Buttons

Thread Cutter Ring

Exotic Wicker Shawl Pins

Wine Toppers

Wonder Clips

Alsatian Soaps

Yarn Cutter Pendants

Yarn Dots

Knitter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements

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