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Holiday 2007

Dream Weaver Yarns
Top 10 Gift Ideas

Spread holiday joy this season in knit and crochet style!  Here we share with you 10 of our best picks for holiday gift giving. 

Sterling Silver Knitter's Bracelets These beautiful bracelets are fashioned in the Pacific Northwest.  The bracelets are solid sterling silver, and each features a different hand-stamped inscription: Yarn Goddess, Cast on a Dream or Knit for Life.
Sabrina by Offhand Designs Offhand's sexiest bag yet is the shapely Sabrina. Two spacious compartments separated by a large velvet-lined zipper pocket allow your favorite crafter to comfortably carry projects along with personal items. Sabrina easily holds Offhand's Circular, Nina, Tia and Traveler clutches for the ultimate in luxurious style.
Glass Knitting Needles and Glass Crochet Hooks For a truly memorable gift, choose glass art from Moving Mud, Michael & Sheila Ernst and Namaste. Created from resistant glass similar to Pyrex, glass needles and hooks are carefully crafted to be 100% functional.
Namaste's Needle & Notions Binder The famous Binder! There is no finer way to organize and carry your tools and supplies. The Knitter's Binder comes with pages for large straight needles, small straight needles, circular needles and notions. Additional pages (including crochet hook pages!) can be purchased to accommodate any collection.
Luxury Wood Needles & Hooks Hand carved from luxury and exotic woods, needles and hooks by Brainsbarn, G3 Studios, Jenkins Woodworking, Surina and Lantern Moon make heirloom-quality gifts.
Shawl Pins Skip the button! Wouldwork, Moving Mud, Bella Blue, Gita Maria and Surina offer creative closures for knitted shawls, sweaters and scarves.
The Sanibel Tote by Sweet Life Simple, sweet and multi-functional, Sanibel has a clean luggage-style silhouette and comes with a matching detachable mini purse. This elegant large-scale bag is perfect for stashing tools and projects or for quick weekend getaways.  Sanibel is custom made for creative passions like knitting, quilting and paper crafts but is equally perfect as a stylish purse.
Lighted Needles and Lighted Crochet Hooks Light the hearth, the tree, and knitting and crochet this holiday season with lighted knitting needles and crochet hooks from NeedleLite and Clover.
Complete Needle and Hook Sets With a complete set of needles and hooks, the right size is always on hand! Choose from Addi Professional, NeedleLite Needles and Hooks, Clover Knit Lite and Crochet Lite, Takumi Gift Sets, Namaste Glass Needles, Denise Interchangeable, Surina Needles and Hooks, and Lantern Moon Rosewood and Ebony Needles.
Be Sweet Shelley Big Bag Bold, beautiful and ready to make a statement, this hooked-rug tote is made from recycled fabric and lined with funky polka dot or traditional African prints. Be Sweet bags are handmade by women in South Africa who work in job creation programs that give them the financial means to support and raise their families in an otherwise economically depressed region. When you choose Be Sweet, you can enjoy your holiday purchase knowing that you have brought hope to a South African community.

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