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December 2007

Dream Weaver Yarns
Top 10 Products of 2007

Here we proudly present our top 10 best selling products of 2007.  These are the products that inspired and simplified our knitting and crochet this past year.  By popular demand, these stylish adornments, tools-of-the-trade and specialty yarns were favorites for their style, innovation and beauty.   

Nancy's Knit Knacks -- Nancy's nifty little knitting tools include Electronic Row Counters, WPI (wraps per inch) Tools, Double Point WIP (work in progress) Needle Tubes, Double Point Needle Tubes, Circular Needle ID Tags, and clever instructional items including a Color Wheel and Booklet that teaches the mechanics of color and Knit-Kards that provide easy reference to a host of topics that are near and dear to fiber artists, Make to Fit, Yarn Classification Chart, Yarn Yardage Estimator, Perfect Gauge Swatch, Yarn Label Guide, and more.
Moving Mud  -- Drawing inspiration from the natural world, each Moving Mud piece is an individual work of art that accents garments and accessories in a beautiful way.  Fiber artists decided to skip the button in 2007 and instead chose these creative closures.  Moving Mud Glass Shawl Pins and Small Stick Glass Shawl Pins provide the perfect compliment to hand knitted and crocheted garments.
Zhivago Weekender Romantic Zhivago stole the show in 2007.  At 10.5" high x 18" wide x 12" deep, Offhand's high-style Weekender easily carries it all, making it the perfect accompaniment for all your adventures . . . and your largest knitting project.
Lighted Needles and Hooks Our #1 best selling product in 2006 appears in the Top 10 again in 2007!  These innovative needles and hooks take our knitting and crochet beyond the living room, into the car, to the movie theater, and under the stars on a summer night. 
Be Sweet Magic Ball Like Magic the Be Sweet Magic Ball turns the simple knit stitch into a beautiful, textural knitted fabric.  Create a scarf or an entire garment with the simplest pattern and watch magic happen.
Jack Frost Let it snow!  Jack Frost, Bella Blue's limited edition knitting needles and crochet hooks, sparkle with white snowflakes on cool blue and are wrapped in powder blue boas.   
Addi Turbo Needles and Hooks "Addi -- Accept No Other."  And we didn't!  These needles and hooks first appeared on our site in February 2007, and we could barely keep up with the demand.  Shortly thereafter, Addi introduced Turbo Lace Circulars.  Delivery after delivery came in and went out.  Clearly, "the first choice of professional knitters" is the first choice of recreational knitters too.
Qiviut  -- "The luxest fiber known to knitdom." (Yarn Market News)  Qiviut aka Qiviuk is the inner down of the Canadian Arctic Muskox. It is a fiber of exceptional quality. Qiviut is noticeably softer and lighter than cashmere, and it is 8 times warmer than wool. Qiviut is the "designer drug for the hand knitter."
Namaste --  The Binder, Everyday, Jetsetter, Executive and Vintage were hot picks in 2007 for style and durability.  Making organization easy, Namaste was our #2 best seller. 

And drum roll . . .
Bring on the beads!  Our #1 Top Seller in 2007 is Tilli Tomas Beaded Yarn.   Flurries took us by storm.  Rock Star, Mariel's Crystals, Exotica and Asteroid surpassed all others.  Prestrung and ready to work, knitting and crocheting with beads is simpler than ever thanks to Tilli Tomas!  

We are thrilled that we were able to offer these incredible products to you this year, and we thank you for making them our Top 10. Look for amazing new products coming your way in 2008. And thank you for shopping DreamWeaverYarns.com!

Season's Greetings,
Ann and Natalie

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