December 2011

The Dream Weaver Top Ten
Our Best Selling Projects of 2011

Here they are! The winners. The top ten of twenty eleven! These are the projects most chosen, most created, and most admired by Dream Weaver crafters this past year. Versatility dominated, with crafters choosing designs with more than one way to wear them, and choosing patterns that included more than one creative option.

And now, without further adieu, we present the most praised and popular projects of the year.

10. Wear Noniís Escherís Oriental Poppy Cowl and surround yourself with luscious huge poppies, even on the coldest day of the year! This show-stopping cowl is easy to craft and fun to wear. Create the cowl with worsted weight feltable yarn, or order a complete kit.
9. Kuku Dolls are multi-cultural, knitted, felted dolls. Each Kuku Doll has its own name and personality. They are manufactured by Charles River Industries (CRI), a non-profit organization providing vocational training and job placement services for individuals with disabilities, and distributed by the Dolly Mamas, a social entrepreneurship that donates a portion of its profits to womenís and childrenís causes.
8. Hand Painted Knitting Yarns Scarf in a Shrug Ė Easy glamour! What makes this project so special is that after the knitting is complete, a hand-dyed silk scarf is woven in and out of the button holes along the collar of the shrug. Cozy and comfortable, in luxurious fiber, this shrug compliments any outfit.
7. The perfect scarf For Her and For Him is crafted in pure cashmere. Jade Sapphire's popular Cashmere Scarf Kits include 4 skeins of 100% Mongolian Cashmere and a pattern card featuring 7 amazing scarf patterns For Him or For Her. The patterns are fast and easy, and it's impossible to choose just one! Craft something extra special. Craft with cashmere.
6. JULís easy Infinity Scarf is a rectangle knit in a diagonal rib pattern. The ends of the finished scarf are joined to form a Moebius scarf using JULís unique Pedestal Buttons.
5. Hand Painted Knitting Yarns Scarf in a Scarf Kit includes 4 skeins of luscious, hand-painted 2-ply silk/merino yarn, an elegant hand-painted silk scarf, and the pattern. This popular scarf can be worn four (or more!) different ways.
4. Glamour girl! JUL's Rivulet Shrug is a versatile, collared shrug that can be worn with the collar up around the neck or with wide or narrow draped lapels, and styled with JULís Pedestal Buttons.
3. A scarf! A shawl! A shrug! JUL's Sett Road Stole is a large, textured rectangle, knit in a rib and welt pattern. It can be styled as a scarf, a wrap or a shrug using JULís Pedestal Buttons.
2. Bloom all year in Florafilís Wildflower Shawl. Crafted in Florafilís Premium Soft Bulky Cotton Yarn, with the softness of roving and the strength of conventional ring-spun cotton, the Wildflower Shawl is super soft and luxurious.

And Ė drum roll . . .
1. Our Number 1 project of 2011 is Noniís Cinch Bag! The pattern includes directions to create three sizes of this favorite, felted or unfelted. The contemporary Cinch Bag, featuring JULís top quality purse-making hardware, is our most popular project of the year!

An incredible array of new knit and crochet styles are slated to grace our pages in 2012. Come knit and crochet with us. Come to be inspired. Come to see what's hot. Join us for a new year of fashion and style.

Did you miss any of these popular designs this past year? Take up your needles and craft one of these favorites! Now through January 1, find these, our most popular projects of 2011, on SALE. Make one of these favorites your first project of 2012.

Thank you for shopping!

Peace, Love, and Knit and Crochet in 2012,
Dream Weaver Yarns

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